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Thursday, 17 July 2014


Hi Beautiful!!!
Welcome back my lovelies, hope you are all doing well.
I have an outfit post for you guys today, its an outfit I wore to dinner one night when I was in sunny California with my boy. We went to this beautiful restaurant one night that made lots of vegan friendly dishes so that was awesome for me. One thing I loved when I was in America was the array of foods that you can eat over there, American, Asian, French, Italian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan it was just amazing they really cater for everyone's lifestyle.
So moving on I'm getting caught up in my day dream of all the fabulous food I devoured over there, oh and by the way stupidly by me I didn't even take a picture of the diner I ate the night I wore this outfit I was so incredibly hungry I by passed to the whole "Oh I'm going to take a pretty picture of this beautifully presented meal" I was just too hungry :-)

Hope you like this outfit, let me know in the comment box below if you do and I am now taking suggestions for my first YouTube video, I'm working on that trying to learn about editing and all that jazz but I need you're guys help.
Love you all.

Shirt: Forever21
Shorts: Primark
Sandles: Journeys Shoes
Watch: Michael Kors

Me and my boo <3

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Coffee Over Ice Please

Welcome Back Doll.
Since I came home from America I have been craving iced coffee like a crazy coffee addict. Unfortunately there isn't many cafe's that do iced coffee in Galway and the ones that do don't make a very good one.
Ive been out in force looking for the best iced coffee in Galway and I have found the perfect place.... Costa Coffee Cafe on Quay Street Galway City.
I always get an iced Americano with a dash of soya milk (Not blended).
It is absolutely fab, and the staff that work there are always so nice.
 This is what I had for breakfast today, I make the iced Americano at home by adding two heaped tea spoons of good instant coffee (you can also add shots of ground espresso coffee if you have an espresso maker) to a cup diluting the powder with a dash of boiled water. Next I mix in the soya milk just like you would add regular milk to tea or coffee, add lots of ice then fill it up with cold water. 
Make sure to give it a good mix and enjoy.
Quick Tip: Stir it occasionally while drinking it. 

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Flying The Friendly Skies

Welcome Back Lovely.
Just me and Liam goofing around before our flight left San Fran. 
We were sad to leave Cali, but happy to return home all the same. The weather was fabulous the whole time we were in America, its California I know what could you expect but we did see a little drizzle in San Fran.
It was my second time flying with United Airlines and I have nothing bad to say they really are a great airline and the staff are always friendly and nice. I wasn't aware that if you wanted a vegetarian option for you're meals you had to pre book but it was no problem for the staff when I asked, they brought my my veggie meal and the tofu curry was actually yummy (which you don't ever hear for air plane food).

Lets hope next time Liam and I are rolling in the cash to fly in comfy luxurious business class (A girl can dream ehh).

Thank you United

Watch: Michael Kors
Nail Polish: OPI, Cajun Shrimp
Trainers: Nike 5.0
Black String Top: Brandy Melville
T: Next
Necklace: Claire`s Accessories
Purple Jumper: Primark

Cher`in It Up

Welcome Back Lovely.
Liam and I were lucky enough to go to the Cher concert while we were over in America. Cindy Lauper was guest performer for Cher and she was equally amazing and I have to say what girl doesnt want to scream "Girls Just Wana Have Fuuuhhh-Unnnn Ohhhh Girls Just Wana Have Funnnnn" at the top of the lungs with the main woman herself. 

Cher was absolutely out of this world, it blew me away. What a woman for SIXTY EIGHT, can you believe it. Oh and by the way, I want to be a backing dancer for you Cher you guys look like you have the best fun.

Love Always

No More Dip Die

Welcome Back Lovely.
I died my hair since I came back from America, I got rid of the dip die along with chopping it out.
I will never do dip die again, it completely dried out and damaged my hair.
I'm so happy to have my nice deep chocolate brown colour back, I feel like my old self again.

Love Always

Me And My Main Man

 Welcome Back Lovely <3
Before we jetted of to America, Liam attended my cousins wedding with me. 
It was his first ever wedding on my side of the family, which was really special for me as I have been to two weddings with his family. Then finally after over three years we had a wedding on the Jones`s side of the family.
We had a lovely day and stayed the night in the fabulous McWilliam Park Hotel in Mayo.
I have to admit, we scrub up pretty well :-) 

Love Always

Dress: :Lipsy London
Ear Rings: The Galway Bead Shop (Since closed down)